Producing oak barrels staves
Video with the process of producing oak barrels staves
Logging with new equipment
New machinery is purchased constantly and those that are already used undergo a strict maintenance schedule to prevent needless pollution.
Wood waste management
100% of the waste as a byproduct of wood process is used
Investing sustainably
Pop France SRL during 2017-2019 has implemented the “Investing sustainably” project as part of the POR 2014-2020 priority axis 2.


We execute all the process steps in logging
wood transport
We handle bulk wood transport from primary production platforms to our storage facilities for sorting, processing and on-selling to our collaborators.
Processing the wood
We process all different types of logged wood, mainly oak and beech, into edged and non-edged timber, oak barrel staves, strips and other elements


Pop France SRL is a private company situated in Seini, Maramures county in the North Western region of Romania. Seini is 28 km from Baia Mare and 36 km from Satu Mare.

The main objective of our company is mass processing of bulk wood and selling our products nationally and internationally.

Our company was established in 1998 and as a result of consistent reinvestment, Pop France has continuously developed.


At this moment we cover the entire production process from processing and transport of wood, to selling oak barrel staves, timber and oak strips, edging timber, beech timber that has been steamed and dried, as well as multiple different types of timbers from native whitewood trees.

All our products adhere to the highest quality standards.

Beginning in 2020 we opened up a new location, which brought an opening of 30 new jobs. In our new location we concentrate on fabricating beech timber for our clients.


Our company’s policy is environmentally conscious - this comes out in how responsible and exact our management is. Pop France has obtained the worldwide recognized FSC certification for its products.